Lucy & La Mer – Tainted Love (music video)

Here’s a new music video for a track we produced last year. Lucy & La Mer and More Than “No” collaborated on the video together as direct response to recent cases of sexual harassment in the music media (Dirty Projectors, Best Coast, Kesha).

I’m so proud of Lucy, what a great message.  Please watch it:

Also, thanks to for the sonics compliments.

Read their review here:

Lindsay Rae Spurlock – Electric Cowgirl (single)

New release produced, recorded, and mixed at Pearl Tone!

Synthpop songtress, Lindsay Rae Spurlock is releasing her Electric Cowgirl singles next week. Here’s a preview with the track “Take Me To A Place.”

Julie Mintz – The Thin Veil (debut EP)

I was in very good company when I was asked to record the vocals for Julie Mintz‘s debut EP, The Thin Veil.  Produced by electronic music pioneer, Moby, and engineered by GRAMMY Award winner Darrell Thorp, this project has a sound that’s both classic and modern. Of course I can’t forget to mention Michael Patterson‘s excellent mixing which unified the diverse sounds in this electronic/folk gem.

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Lucy & La Mer – Little Spoon (debut EP)

It’s been 2 years in the making, but we finally get to release all 6 tracks of poppy-folk goodness with Lucy & La Mer‘s debut EP.  Most of this project was very collaborative between Lucy and her friends, but we decided to close the record with a solo track where she plays every instrument.  This song, Heaven, which was recorded and mixed in less than 48 hours, ended up being my favorite.

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